Stress focused retreats for men & women

We very passionate about supporting New Zealand men and women who are struggling with stress and burnout with purpose designed retreats. Using varying trained wellness coaches we will be offering intimate sized retreats at Sanctuary Lodge Mangatautari, focusing on wellness and specifically the management of stress.

Our next retreat

Reflect, Rest and Recovery Retreat

Friday April 23rd - Sunday April 25th

Facilitated by coach Ren Saguil

Are you stuck in a fork at the end of a road either with your career, relationships or life itself?
Are you wanting to improve your relationship and have a better mindset?
Are you looking for a sense of direction and purpose? Are you wanting rest and relaxation?
Are you wanting to find purpose?
Are you tired and burned-out? Are you distracted?
We have two ways to live our life. One is “automatic living”, where we live our life reacting as we always have, doing what we’ve always done, and repeating the same problems over and over again.
On the other way.... Where we are we are heading into this retreat is “Conscious” living, where we live our life grounded in and centered around our inner world.. a rich world of clarity about what matters to us.
Conscious living is where your “I-am ness” the natural, is fully expressed by you.
Conscious living is the wonderful experience of living without pretense or fear. It’s the freedom of being your Unique Self, the buried self.
Conscious living is freedom from acting life and instead living life.

Investment Cost
$1420 (Ensuite Room- twin share)
$1290 (Bunk Room)
Ultimate You Book by Sharon Pearson and Ultimate You Companion Worksheets ( Ultimate You and Mindfulness Facilitation Workshop
Personal Journal
Three Day accomodation at a beautiful and peaceful location
3 days and 2 nights of Nutritious and delicious meals
Qigong at the Bush
Hiking and bushwalking
Facilitator Support
Goodie Bag on Arrival

Please get in contact for a detailed event program.

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